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title: Silence
fandom: Life with Derek
pairings: none, really.  Derek/Casey, if you squint really, really hard.
rating: G.
synopsis: Written for the October 25 prompt over at [ profile] we_are_cities.
author's note: I have no idea where to post this.  Suggestions?
word count: 167

When he first hears about the law, he laughs.  It serves her right for going to college in the U.S.  If she had stayed in Canada then she wouldn’t have to worry about it.


Then she comes home for winter break, and suddenly it’s not funny anymore.




She constantly eyes the counter on her wrist, no matter how many times people tell her that it won’t work here.  She always just shrugs and laughs a little, before saying, “Force of habit,” and then nothing else.




She picks up the phone and doesn’t say anything, and it always confuses the person calling.  Derek can hear them on the other end of the line, asking, “Hello?  Is anyone there?” before she giggles nervously and replies.


After a couple days, Nora bans her from answering the house phone.




“It’s weird, the way you don’t really talk anymore,” he comments one day when they’re watching TV.


“I talk,” she replies, then glances at her wrist.


He sighs and changes the channel.

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