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I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Title: I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
Summary: [ profile] cultverse . Adam runs into Pete in a bar in London and they fight about the message.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Well, it's the cultverse, so it's kinda creepy. Expect Pete the creeper, converting kids to his way of thinking, and being overly paranoid. Also, swearing.
Disclaimer:  Not mine, not real, sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.
Author's Notes: Inspired by this interview (if you zoom in it's pretty easy to read). Because, honestly, why would Adam Lazzara and Pete Wentz be fighting in London? I mean, they were on Warped Tour together in 2004 (with My Chemical Romance) so it's not like it's impossible for them to have met before, but still.

They’re in London, after a show, hanging out in a bar when Adam sees Pete. “Fuck,” he mumbles under his breath when Pete wraps his arm around a kid.

“What?” Matt asks, looking around the bar.

“Pete Wentz. Converting another kid,” he replies, taking a sip of his beer.

“Oh,” Matt says, leaning back in his seat. “Well, that’s what he does, you know that.”

“I know it, doesn’t mean that I have to like it.”

“You’ve never had a problem with Gerard converting kids,” Matt points out.

“Gee’s never killed a kid that wouldn’t listen to him,” Adam counters.

Pete begins to steer the boy towards the door when the kid spots Adam. “Hey!” he yells, jogging over. Pete frowns.

“Hi,” Adam says, smiling brightly.

“I saw your show tonight, you guys were amazing! Could I get a picture with you?”

“Sure. What’s your name?” Adam asks, glancing at Pete, who looks pissed.

“Tony,” the kid replies, pulling out his cell phone. He then hands it to Pete and asks him to take the picture. Pete rolls his eyes and grudgingly obliges.

He hands the cell back and says, “Adam? Can I have a word, please?”

Adam shrugs and follows Pete, who began walking towards the back door before Adam could even answer. Tony shrugs and begins to talk to Matt.

“What the fuck, man. I was trying to talk to him!” Pete asks when they step into the alley.

Adam shrugs, pulling his cigarettes out of his pocket. “It’s not like I did it on purpose, he saw me and wanted to talk to me.

“Sure, that’s what it looked like, but you’ve never been okay with the Message. You did something so that you could get him away from me.”

“Man, you’re getting so paranoid. I did nothing of the sort. I don’t have your creepy hold over the kids. Besides, it’s not the message I have a problem with, it’s your way of spreading it.”

“What about how Gerard spreads the message?”

“What about the kids in Idaho and Indiana? Gerard doesn’t leave kids lying broken in alleyways like you do.” Adam drops his cigarette on the ground and reaches for the door handle. “Maybe you should just take a break. You’re starting to lose it.”

As Adam walks into the bar he feels Pete’s hand on his shoulder, turning him around. “I’m not losing anything! I have complete control over everything I do!”

Everyone in the bar turns to look at them.

“Calm down Pete,” Adam says softly, hoping that the patrons decide that the fight isn’t really all that interesting to them.

“I will not calm down until you stop stealing my kids! I have a purpose, I have a Message! What do you have?”

No such luck, everyone’s still focused on them.

“I don’t need a message,” Adam replies, keeping his voice low. “I don’t want a message, I just wanna play music.” Adam turns around, hoping that Pete will leave him alone before the fight escalates. He walks back over to the table to see that the kid is gone and Matt’s pulling his sweatshirt back on. He grabs his and follows Matt out the door. Pete, thankfully, doesn’t follow.


Adam wakes up in his bunk when Eddie throws his cell phone through the small crack between the curtain and the wall. “Quit leaving your phone in your pockets, it always rings right next to my head,” he complains before closing his curtain again.

Adam blinks, trying to clear his vision enough to read the caller ID display. He thinks it says Gee, but he’s not sure, so he climbs out of the bunk and wanders into the lounge. Closing the door on the bunks, he flips the phone open. “Whaddawant?” he slurs, looking around the area for his cigarettes.

“What happened between you and Pete last night? Because he called me up all pissed off when I was trying to have dinner with my parents.”

“It’s not my fault!” Adam protests, spotting his cigarettes on the counter next to the sink. He cracks open a window and lights one. Fred gets cranky when he smokes on the bus, but Adam will just blame it on Gerard if he says anything.

Gerard sighs. “I wasn’t accusing you Adam. I was just asking what happened. Because Pete was yelling loud enough for my parents to hear him, and it freaked them out a little. I’d just like to know what went on, because it was kind of hard to figure it out from Pete’s rant.”

“Dude, what time is it there?” Adam asks, looking at the clock on the microwave.

“It’s 6. I have this thing in New York early this morning. Forget your ADD for two seconds and focus. What. Happened. With. Pete.”

“Oh, he was trying to tell some kid about his message and the kid saw me and got distracted. Pete got pissed, yelled at me, I left. What’s going on in New York?”

“Were you trying to get the kid away from Pete on purpose?” Gerard asked, ignoring Adam’s question.

“No, it just happened. I’m not interfering with the 50 million different messages you guys have going. You can do whatever you want, I’m just gonna play my songs and jump around.”

“You know that he’s not going to let this go, right?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t my fault. It’s not like I can do anything about it. What’s up with him lately? He was really paranoid.”

“He’s just got too much going on at once. He’s starting to lose control over everything.”

“Ha! I was right. I told him he should take a break and refocus. Don’t roll your eyes at me!”

“I wasn’t,” Gerard lied.

“Yes you were. It’s okay though, I forgive you, because I was right.”

“Whatever, I gotta go. Please try to stay out of Pete’s way from now on, he’s getting a little unpredictable.”

“Yeah, I’ll try. Have fun in New York.”


Adam closed the phone and put his cigarette out in an almost empty water bottle, then started to make coffee, humming under his breath.

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