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Fall Out Boy Primer

Continuing on with [ profile] heyjudelove's bandom education, it's time for a Fall Out Boy primer!

Again, very image heavy and not dial-up friendly at all.

So, it all starts with Pete Wentz.

This is Pete. Learn to love him. It will make your life much easier.

Pete grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He becomes a fixture in the Chicago hardcore scene and bounces around from band to band a lot. He ends up with Arma Angelus for a while.

This is Arma Angelus.

Pete is the bass player and lead singer for them (although "singer" is not really the right term. His singing is what other people would call screaming). While ruling the Chicago scene, he meets Andy Hurley, who is an amazing drummer, but his bands keep falling apart.

Andy Hurley. He's awesome.

He also meets Joe Trohman. Joe kind of worships Pete when they first meet (and it's entirely possible that he still does, because Pete is awesome like that). Apparently, at some point, Pete lost his license and Joe offered to be his chauffeur and drives him all around the city. Joe plays guitar.

This is Joe. Please note his amazing Jew-fro. I really wanna play with it.

So, Joe suggests to Pete that they start a band, (because then Joe would be in a band with his idol!) and Pete agrees. Joe is in Borders one day, and he meets this kid, and they start talking about music, and the kid says that he can play drums. Pete and Joe need a drummer, so he asks the kid to audition. Joe has just hit the jackpot, because this random kid is Patrick Stump, musical genius.

Meet Patrick. You'll love him, you won't be able to help it. He's amazing like that.

Pete and Joe go over to Patrick's house to hear him play the drums. Patrick answers the door wearing an argyle sweater, black kneesocks, and shorts. All together. In one hideous outfit. Oh Patrick.

So, Patrick is drumming for them, and they think he's awesome, but then he starts singing, and Pete's eyes go like this: ♥_____♥ because Patrick's voice is straight from the heavens. He is an angel hiding in a mortal's body. (It's also kind of important to note that Patrick was roughly 16 at this time, because Pete's a bit of a pedo.)

Andy isn't the drummer for the band on their first album, Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend and there is also another guitar player, but they aren't important people, because they're gone by the time FOB records their first full-length album, Take This To Your Grave.

They don't have a name for their first couple of shows, so they ask the audience for suggestions, and someone yells out "Fallout Boy!" who is Radioactive Man's sidekick on The Simpsons. I'm assuming Pete went like this: \o/ and refused to consider a different name, because he's a huge dork.

After Andy joins the band, they look like this:

(so young!)
From left to right: Pete Wentz (bass), Andy Hurley (drums), Patrick Stump (vocals and guitar, but he can play just about anything you want, because hes a musical genius), and Joe Trohman (guitar).

This is still the lineup today, although there are rumors that several guitarists in Decaydance bands were offered positions in Fall Out Boy. I don't know how much I believe these rumors, but whatever.

Okay, so Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend came out in 2001 or 2002, I think. Patrick wrote all the lyrics on this album. After this album, though, Pete writes the lyrics, because he's got a lot of thoughts in his head. There's an interview somewhere where they talk about this, and apparently Pete used to just help Patrick with the lyrics, but Patrick told Pete that his are better, so now Pete's the official lyricist and Patrick does the music (because, again, musical genius). From what I understand, though, Pete just kind of writes down whatever's in his head, and Patrick has to make them into something singable. This is probably the most difficult job in bandom.

They get signed to a little indie label called Fueled By Ramen and they record Take This To Your Grave, which has a few singles on it, and they get pretty well known in underground music circles (and also by Ryan Ross, who loves them). Druing this time they crash their van on the way to the video shoot for "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy?" and the artwork for their next album, From Under The Cork Tree is a tribute to that.

The video for "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy?"

Um, everything in here is pretty tangled, so I'm gonna try to keep everything in the right order, but if I screw up the timeline, then I'm really sorry.

Pete somehow convinces FBR to sign his friends The Academy Is..., another Chicago-based band. After they do, they give him his own imprint label, which he names Decaydance (I love this name so much). The first bands that he signs are Gym Class Heroes and Panic! At The Disco (I really don't know which one was first, I've heard it both ways and don't know which to believe). FOB realize that they need to record their second album, so they go do that. They also invite a couple friends to sing on the album. Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic at the Disco, sings on "7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)", and was apparently super adorable when he was out in LA for this. The text of the article is here, but apparently Brendon was all excited to be without parental controls and stayed up late and was spazzy, and they sat around in a hot tub all night and called it man soup (which is why bandom is so amazing). William Beckett, the lead singer for TAI, sang on Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year", and the lead singer of New Found Glory sang on "I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written about Me". In February of 2005, a couple months before the album is released, Pete takes a handful of Ativan in his sister's car in a Best Buy parking lot. He calls his mom and tells her he loves her, then falls asleep. He says that it wasn't a suicide attempt, but he doesn't have another name for it. He spends a week in the hospital and then starts therapy. Fall Out Boy goes on tour in the UK without him. They all agree that it was the worst time of their lives, and that they're never going on tour without Pete again. Because Patrick is so shy, Pete is actually the frontman of the band. During the UK tour, Patrick had scripted lines of things to say in between each song, and never strayed from it (Oh, Patrick!). Pete gets well enough that he goes out on the Warped Tour with them that summer. MTV starts playing their first single from FUTCT, "Sugar, We're Going Down" and they start getting huge. This is also "The Summer of Like," which I'll talk about a little more in the pairings.

Okay, that is a big paragraph of information, so have a video and take a break!

"Sugar, We're Going Down"

K, back to the facts. They get super huge from this album. Like, hoards of screaming 14 year old girls huge. It's hard to believe that there was a time when this wasn't true, because now that's just a given. They do another video for their second single, "Dance, Dance." I can't find one that will let me embed the video, but you can watch it here.

They do a video for their third single, "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me" and this is important because it's the basis for many many AUs. And, because William Beckett, Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, and Travis McCoy are all in the video, as vampires.

Blah blah blah, they tour, they're awesome, they're getting a lot of fans. Pete starts a clothing company called Clandestine Industries and signs a bunch more bands to Decaydance, most of which are just barely legal. They record another album, Infinity On High. At some point in here, Pete starts dating Ashlee Simpson, and they get married. They just had a baby last year, Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Fall Out Boy just released their latest album, Folie a Deux in December. Um, I'm pretty sure that's most of the important canon.

Now, have some pics! In no particular order:

Just as a reminder: l to r is Pete, Andy, Joe, and Patrick.






This is hilarious, mostly for Andy in a dress. But also for them dressing up as the Mario crew. Dorks, dorks, dorks.




(Also, I'm sticking in quotes with the pictures, because I can.)

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III
(no, really, that's his name)

Pete was born June 5th, 1979. Pete is kind of a contradiction wrapped up in a cliche that you can't help but love. He hates having all this scrutiny on his personal life, but craves the attention. He had a good childhood, but is kind of fucked in the head anyway(his parents sent him to one of those outdoor survival bootcamp things when he was a teenager, because they just didn't know what to do with him). He does stupid things such as take pictures of his penis that get leaked out onto the internet (for real, dude. the pics are probably still out there somewhere if you go looking). He's violently against homophobia, and says that he's "gay above the waist." He was a poli-sci major at DePaul University, and dropped out a semester shy of getting his bachelor's degree. He has a tattoo on his middle finger, I believe, that is the directions to Neverland-second star to the right and straight on til morning, only it's just 2*R so that it fits on his finger-and being Peter Pan and never having to grow up is a pretty accurate description of what Pete wants. He's the frontman of the band, because Patrick's shy.

An explanation on the pedo jokes that bandom makes at Pete's expense: They're slightly true. Pete started dating his old girlfriend, Jeanae, when she was 15 and he was 23. He used to make jokes about how she was kind of crazy, and fandom shakes it's collective head and goes, "Not crazy, hormonal, because she's a teenager." And, when he signed Panic, Spencer (and I think Brendon) were both still underage. When he was first IM'ing with Ryan about the band, he was asking how hot their lead singer was. Pete kind of likes to surround himself with pretty young things.

If you know me, you know how uncool I am. I stutter, wear bad clothes, make bad jokes, make conversation uncomfortable, the list goes on. Thank you for making me feel okay.

That's his dog Hemingway in the background. I have more pictures of Hemingway. He gets his own section. Whatever, Pete set up a twitter for him, he can have a section in my primer.

This is maybe one of my favorite pictures of Pete. Because he's ridiculous (look at his boots!), but still sad. That pretty much sums up Pete for me.

Underwear. It's like a goddamned leash. It also constantly reminds me of how funny I look naked.

On his experience at boot camp. It was terrible. Every Kid there was so much more F****d up than me, demented satanic kids. I got beat up a couple times. I’d call my parents every day crying and saying I wanted to go home. I would beg. I felt isolated. It created these dependency and attachment issues.


This is Pete sitting on Travis McCoy's lap. Travis is the lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, and kind of awesome.

When asked what he thinks will happen when people die. I think maybe I'm going to be eaten by worms, and that scares me. I just want to be frozen and woken up when it doesn't suck.

These are Pete and Travis's best friend tattoos. No, really. Travis did them, because he's also a licensed tattoo artist.

Pete and Brendon. Being dorks. Because that's what they're good at.

I just want to know what was said to piss Brendon off?

Pete and Ryan. Pete always makes Ryan look much younger than he is.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as far as dating goes. I've ended up having good friendships with all these people, but we haven't really had relationships.

If you aren't just a little bit depressed, then you aren't paying very much attention to what's going on in the world.

Pete and Jon Walker. Making bad fashion choices.

Pete camwhoring with his boyfriend Mikey Way, of My Chemical Romance.

This is William Beckett (the lead singer of The Academy Is...) with Pete. William Beckett is prettier than most girls. It would bother me if I didn't love him so much.

Pete and Gabe Saporta, of Cobra Starship. I love Gabe a lot. I partially blame this on my obsession with Midtown at a young age (I swear, that'll make sense eventually).

This is Pete and Midtown!Gabe, so it's a pretty old pic, but awesome all the same.

I really, really love this picture. They both just look so calm and peaceful.

Also, before we move on, this:
is the WentzFace. Because Pete is awesome enough to have his own trademark face. If you see bandom people making a face that looks even a little bit like this, chances are they're imitating Pete.




Patrick Stump


Patrick is amazing. He was born April 27th, 1984. He basically didn't know he could sing until Pete told him how awesome he is. He doesn't go anywhere without his hat, because he's self conscious about his receding hairline. He's also bothered by his weight. Basically, Patrick doesn't realize how awesome he is. I kind of love him a lot. Also, he's kind of a little tiny ball of rage. Like, there's this story that at one point, during the recording of one of their albums, he and Pete were arguing about one of the songs, and he got so mad that he punched Pete in the face. And Pete is his best friend. Imagine what he could do to someone he hated. I read in a different interview (I really need to keep better track of this stuff), where he admits to being kind of a crappy boyfriend, because he's so into music.

I hear all sorts of things slung at us, one of my favorites being the boy-band accusation. I’m like, “Boy band? I’m fat! If we were a boy band, I’d look good, I’d dance, and I’d be charming – so what the f*** are you talking about?" I write the songs, that’s all I do.

"I dunno, we played a show to like, 5 kids, but those 5 kids were just awesome. It's really about quantity, not quality. It's just-" Pete then corrects him saying "It's about quality, not quantity. You said it backwards. I don't want you to look like a dumbass, on film."

Journalists always run to their thesaurus and call me “cherubic.”

I get really annoyed with photo shoots and interviews and handshakes. I’m a musician; God forbid I actually have time to make music.

I've always had a little acting bug, but one of the problems is that if I wanted to do it right now, they'd want me to play a rock star or something. I'm not a believable rock star! If you cast me as a rock dude, I wouldn't buy it.

[Music is] what moves me. But I don’t think anyone wants to read about that. I think that the reason you don’t know that much about me is because I don’t really care about me. I’m not an interesting story.

Of all the things I have to be self-conscious about, my looks are on top of the heap.

(about Pete Wentz) He's not cocky 'cause of the band. He's cocky 'cause he's Pete Wentz.

Joe Trohman


Joe was born September 1st, 1984. He's Jewish. He also smokes a lot of pot. He's pretty crazy on stage, spinning around with his guitar. He hit Pete in the face with his guitar at one show, and Pete had to get four stitches. It's been named "Trohmania" by the band, because they are all dorks. Joe's also a huge Star Wars nerd (which I love).

That wreckage behind him? That's the van, after they crashed it.

In my mind, Joe is very stoned in this pic, and the tree started it!

(On the tour with Arma Angelus’ Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley when he was only sixteen) I definitely got initiated on that tour they would rip my underwear off me everyday. I hated it, dude. I should have stopped wearing underwear.

Middle-aged women love me – they say I look like Dr. McSexy or whatever his name is.

For me, the more money I get, the more I freak out.

His shirt says "The Force Is With You"!!! I love Joe.

Lightsaber! Sorry, my dork-itude is killing the commentary here, let's move on before I embarrass myself more.

Andy Hurley


Andy was born May 31, 1980. He has a lot of tattoos, and he takes his shirt off a lot to show them off. He's a straight-edge vegan. He double majored in anthropology and history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I read somewhere (damn it, I feel like I'm losing all my credibility by all this "somewhere I read" crap) that he covers his mouth with his shirt when Joe's smoking up in the same area. Andy is awesome.

Andy's hips are awesome as well.


(on if rock bands would ruin civilization) Probably not. Music would probably go. A lot of art would. That’s what I’m saying – I’m really into comics and movies and video games, and I don’t want to give that stuff up. At the same time, I think it’s filling the void for the stuff we’re missing.

My whole thing is I’m not into civilization as a whole. The only actual solution is the eventual collapse and demise of civilization . . .I think it needs to happen, but no one, not even me, really wants it to happen.

I’m still this vegan straight-edge kid from Milwaukee who hates America, hates white people, and hates all this sh*t as much as I ever have.

I think that's a Gryffindor tie! Yay dork!

Not in the band, but these people are important too

Pete's dog. Yes, named after Ernest Hemingway.

Pete, honey, dogs are friends, not food.




Hemmy and Travis!

Hemmy and Joe!

Hemmy was also on an episode of Dog Whisperer. I didn't see it.

Nick Scimeca

(He's the one on the left, Joe's on the right. But what's really important in this picture is, oh God, look at all that flannel. That's awful.)

Nick is from the Chicago scene. He used to play in 504 Plan with Jon Walker (of Panic at the Disco) and they toured with FOB at some point. I believe he now works at FBR, or Decaydance, and he designed the Bartskull.

is the Bartskull. Pete has it tattooed below his bellybutton, it's the design for Decaydance records, and it's been on a lot of Clandestine merch.

Dirty is basically Pete's bitch. Like, I'm not really sure what he's been hired to do, but he just does whatever Pete tells him to. He's done a lot of Jackass-style stunts. He's kind of like FOB's official court jester.

Clandestine used to sell this shirt in their webstore, but I don't know if they still do.



Didn't I just say that Dirty does whatever Pete tells him to?

OK, this picture is hilarious. That is Dirty and Adam Lazzara. Adam Lazzara is the lead singer for Taking Back Sunday, a band from Long Island (oh, but that's a primer for another day, trust me). The only time that FOB and TBS were in the same area that I know of was Warped Tour of '04, so I'm guessing that's when they did this. Adam has "Dirty" tattooed under his nipple, and Dirty has "Adam" under his. This is funny because Adam and Pete have a bit of a fued. The story, from what I understand, is that Adam accused FOB of copying the music from their song, "Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)" in the FOB song "The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes" and said it to Pete's face, maybe? Anyway, point is, Patrick writes all the music, and Patrick is Pete's golden ticket, and Pete loves him, and so they fought about it outside of a bar in London. I don't know if blows were exchanged, but in my mind, Adam put his hand on the top of Pete's head and held him there while Pete swung. I'd like to know if Dirty still has that tattoo, or if Pete made him get it covered up.

Chris Gutierrez
Also known as [ profile] askheychris because of the song "Grenade Jumper" and the lyrics,

Hey Chris, you were our only friend
And I know this is belated,
But we love you back

Sadly, I don't have a pic of him, and I'm too lazy to go find one. Pete and Chris had a falling out a while back (I have no idea how long ago it was), and the rumor is that Chris leaked the pics of Pete's peen onto the internet, because Pete was trying to steal his girlfriend. So, basically, they were both 15-year-old boys trapped in adult's bodies.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Pete's wife. Yes, it's a weird match (she's a pop singer, you've probably at least heard of her sister, Jessica Simpson), but Ashlee's kind of adorkable, so whatever.


Ashlee dances like a dork at the end of this one (it was for a contest for the Cab):

E.M.O. Assistance Terminal for the Song 'Bounce Bounce' from clandestine on Vimeo.

The Music
This isn't even remotely everything that they've done, but it's still quite a bit.

Demos, Some B-Sides, and Some random stuff that I don't even know where it came from

Fall Out Boy's Evening With Your Girlfriend

Take This To Your Grave

My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue

From Under The Cork Tree

Infinity On High

Folie a Deux

String Quartet Tribute to Fall Out Boy

Piano Tribute to Fall Out Boy

Gonna link to manifestos again, cuz it's late and this is the second day that I've been working on this, haha.

The main FOB pairing is Pete/Patrick, and for good reason. Have some quotes to illustrate this.

From the Q&A section of FOB's website, where Pete answers all the questions.

Do you ever wish that you were as drop dead sexy as Patrick is!?
Asked by Kate on 2005-05-29 00:27:00

no he is so sexy that i bet it burns him alittle bit on the inside. that scares me.
Answered by pete on 2005-05-29

Dear Pete, or whoever decides to answer this question..well or not friend megan says that if you listen to XO with just the right side of headphones theres no music so it sounds like Patrick is singing in her ear just for her...and i agree....try it sometome
Asked by Shannon on 2005-06-09 09:17:00

how about this. when i want patrick to sing in my ear i call him on the phone and he does it... boo and yah. oops. yeah i do that sometimes.
Answered by pete on 2005-06-10

Does Patrick have a nickname? If so what is it?
Asked by kara on 2005-06-12 23:02:00

rickster. von stump. sophmore strump. winchester snomp, lunchbox. cookie jar. healthbar. rick ta life. patty boy. dont ever call him these. they are mine.
Answered by peter on 2005-06-13

Hypothetically asking, Ok, what if one day you woke up and Patrick was not there. Would you be worried?
Asked by I Didnt Do It on 2005-06-14 19:59:00

it would make me want to disappear to wherever he was.
Answered by pete on 2005-06-14

How does patrick sing the emotion in the songs that u (pete) wrote.. Do you have to explain it to him or does he just know?
Asked by hope on 2005-06-15 20:37:00

me and patrick can finish eachothers sentences. this is what makes it so funny when people ask us if we care that you think the the other one is hotter or cooler, or how much everyone makes a big deal about who writes what or is where in photos. we don't care. that kid is my best friend and the rest of the world could blow up and fall out boy can break up and he still will be.
Answered by peterface on 2005-06-16

what kind of guitars do you play? And who is better Joe or Patrick
Asked by G String on 2005-08-04 20:49:00

patrick is the love of my life but i cant deny joes doggie style. they are both pretty good in bed i guess.
Answered by p on 2005-08-04

Peter, i think you need to have more respect for the other members of the band, like Patrick, i dont think he smells...and fob would be no where without him, or the rest of the guys! so please dont talk about him like that, it makes my heart hurt! thanks, love you guys!
Asked by GIGGLES on 2005-10-10 20:31:00

hahahaha. if you knew patrick you wouldnt say that. that kid is my best friend but not cause he smells like roses. cause he is just the best. dont worry about it. we'll be friends long after this thing is over.
Answered by peter on 2005-10-11

Pete, would you and Patrick be friends if Fall Out Boy never existed?
Asked by Kace on 2005-10-10 21:54:00

we would have to be friends. cause i dreamt him.
Answered by peter on 2005-10-11

just to but in, patrick seems shy off stage like in an interview or if us fans talk to him and hes not shy on stage or if hes w the band
Asked by court on 2005-11-11 01:51:00

patrick is shy or maybe quiet in general- notice how he doesnt talk on stage alot? thats not cos he thinks i am really cool. its because he is just a softspoken guy. its both on stage and off. not to butt in but hes my best buddy and i hoep you love him the way he is.
Answered by peter on 2005-11-11

i try to come up with all these cool questions for you to answer but you dont answer any. peter, i think that you should have 2 Q&A boards so that patrick can answer some questions and you could answer some questions. because i dont think you like me. i like you.
Asked by Kailee on 2005-11-11 13:41:00

patrick doesnt like the internet. but he likes me.
Answered by peter on 2005-11-11

Pete, If you were on a deserted island and had to choose between an Ipod full of your favorite songs or Patrick, what would you pick?
Asked by sara on 2005-11-13 15:13:00

trick question. patrick is an ipod full of my favorite songs.
Answered by peter on 2005-11-13

how come patrick never answers questions anymore? b.t.w. he is sooooooo cute!! i wanna marry him
Asked by muah on 2005-12-17 15:56:00

patrick never answered any on here. but he sleeps next to me on the bus and he breathes like a little baby at night.
Answered by peter on 2005-12-17

Heey , I am confused. I thought you wrote all of the songs?? Well i love the songs no matter what =D
Asked by |aura on 2006-03-13 22:49:00

i write the lyrics. patrick writes the music. we are in love and live in a castle in the sky. our next door neighbors are carebears. grumpy bear has a baditude. but i still heart him. i hope your life is as magical as ours is.
Answered by peter on 2006-03-14

go to quizilla .com search patrick stump and theres this gross story about
Asked by ashlee on 2006-04-08 18:35:00

patrick doesnt do gross things. his body is made up of kittens, saturdays, 70 degree weather, first kisses and butterflies. trust me, i cut that bitch open once to check
.Answered by peter on 2006-04-08

In 10 words or less what is your relationship with patrick and would you ever consider becoming the "tough Guy" of the group??
Asked by Anonomous on 2006-05-08 18:29:00

patrick is pretty much the only person on this planet that gets me. id be nowhere without him. we are a two man gang.
Answered by peter on 2006-05-09

Patrick reminds me of a cute little panda bear, what kind of animal does he remind you of?
Asked by Nikki on 2006-05-08 16:07:00

maybe a koala bear or something. he is cute but if you get close hes kinda got some vicious claws. besides i could see him sitting around just chilling and eating leaves all day- maybe you were right about the panda though. something cute and smelly.
Answered by peter on 2006-05-09

I just got done watching "Dead on Arrival" and I wanted to know how old was Patrick in that video? Back then he was hot but now he is HOTT!!
Asked by Allisyn on 2006-06-10 15:19:00

im not sure. they had delivered him to my door in a baby basket the stormy night before. the note on the basket said "amazing" but i didn't realize how true those words were until days later, thanks for adding the capslock, it really captured the feeling.
Answered by peter on 2006-06-11

all we hear are updates on Pete. Pete this. Pete that. Pete did this. Pete has that. what about Patrick Andy and Joe? What happened to them?
Asked by wheres fall out boy? on 2006-07-22 15:50:00

andy is deeply in love unfortunately we think it is with a comic book. he is in milwaukee withdrawal and eats at this one crazy vegan resturaunt every day. joe and dirty are pretty much a wrestling tagteam all weekend so far- joe is puppy sitter number one- as well he bought an old metallica shirt that might have cost like one million dollars. patrick is patrick. he is writing songs and just being his usual dreamy self. i know hes in the lab working on some sweet shit for the kiddies.
Answered by p. on 2006-07-22

Pete, on a poster my friend gave me, i noticed somethign written on your hand but couldn't figure it out. me and my friend stared at it all through world history (the class) and couldnt tell if it was an address or number. (and it wasn't a tattoo). so could you help us out here? much love xx
Asked by RockStarxFobxLovexx on 2007-03-22

it was the directions to patricks house, actually even more specific the directions to the zipper of his pants. hope this helps. ill meet ya there!
Answered by peter on 2007-03-22

Why did patrick suck balls on FUSE?
asked by Renee on 2005-05-11

that kid is my bestfriend, i don't care if you're a girl i'd still punch you in the mouth if you said that to my face. have a nice day.
answered by peter on 2005-05-11

And, some from Patrick:

"One of my favorite compliments that I'll get is 'Oh yeah, fuck Pete, you're the thing, you're the star.' I'm like 'Dude, that's my best friend, what the fuck are you talking about? That's not a compliment to me. That offends me. You just put him down.'"
-- from Kerrang Magazine

"It was a real tour in that we went out and played shows and some band played Fall Out Boy songs, but it wasn't Fall Out Boy at all. I had to go up there and do my best Pete impression onstage, because that's all I knew. And I had to say verbatim what Pete says, because I'm an idiot and don't know anything about what to say onstage. It is a tour, so, of course we had a little fun, but every day I was like, 'I never want to sing another one of these songs ever again if that dude's not there.'"
-- from AP magazine


Bonus picspam!



Anatomically speaking, is there any way that Pete's hand isn't on Patrick's ass in this pic?


The other main pairing is only half FOB:
Pete/Mikey (from My Chemical Romance)
This is the whole "Summer of Like" thing I mentioned earlier. Read the manifesto, it's awesome.

However, really, you can write Pete with just about anyone you want, as you've probably gathered from all the pictures of him with pretty boys up above.


Pete's Twitter

Andy and his roomates/crazy eco-terrorist friends' Twitter (yeah, they all share it.)

Joe's Twitter

FOB's official website

Friends Or Enemies It's kind of like Buzznet, for emo kids? I don't really know how to explain it.


[ profile] icecreamhdaches Daily updates on all of FOB's activity (Twitter, various blogs, interviews, etc.)

[ profile] peterickfics Community specifically for Pete/Patrick fic, but there's always [ profile] bandslashmania too.

Fic Recs

The Take Over, The Breaks Over Pete/Patrick
ruler-of-the-world!fic. Ridiculous, but everything I love about the pairing. They're so sweet and they need each other!

Straight On Til Morning Pete/Patrick
Pete often says he could write the book on Patrick. (What Patrick doesn’t know is, it’s a work in progress and he keeps it under his pillow.)
Absolutely adorable.

Wish I Didn't (I Don't) Pete/Ryan
Underneath it, he's the same scared kid who just wanted to escape. Only difference is location: then, it was Vegas. Now it's just his head.
Great build-up of tension. Really well-written.

and we are still here Pete/Jeanae
Pete's seen her around--her sharp nose and twist of lips is familiar, but he can't place her. There's a vague feeling of recognition, like maybe he should know her. Maybe he caught Chris with her one night, or she's someone from the label's kid and he needs to please behave around her.
Het, and though it's never mentioned, Jeanae's probably underaged in this fic, just going by the timeline. It's really good though.

I Didn't Come To See The City, I Came To See It Around You Pete/Mikey
You've always been ungrateful, at least according to your brother. Gerard would say, "Mikey, you could own the world, but you wouldn't be happy until you had the moon. And when you finally had the moon, all you'd think about was the sun." You never bothered to tell him he was probably right.
Mikey's POV, so you'll definitely wanna read about the Summer of Like before you read this one.

I think that's it. That took way longer than I had planned...

[identity profile] 2009-04-11 05:19 am (UTC)(link)
Oh! Thank you so much for this! I missed it the first time going through my fpage, which is sad, because I have to leave for a trip to my old hometown soon and can't read this as thoroughly as I'd like or read any fics D: (not that I'd probably have had much time anyway, as I'm still finding shiny PATD fics to read :D)

So I'll be looking at this again in a few days and flailing over it then <3 and again, I appreciate you making me primers so, so much. Bandom is fun!

Oh, and also, I just quickly checked my stash of teenie-magazines and they have Fall Out Boy posters and I was basically all: \o/

So I'm already pre-prepared to begin decorating with appropriate bandom-related stuff. Yay!


[identity profile] 2009-04-11 07:38 am (UTC)(link)
You're so welcome! (There's so much fic, it's hard to find time to read everything you want. I've got roughly 50 fics bookmarked to read.)

It really is a lot of fun! But a lot of information too. I kind of love making primers, because it's a lot of fun, so I'm just happy to have a reason to!

Yay! (Now you just need bandom icons too!)


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