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Title - Weddings and Tours
Pairing - Pete/Gabe
Rating - PG
Summary - Gabe calls Pete from the tour to congratulate him on the wedding.
Warnings - uh, Simpson bashing? No, seriously, there isn't even any cussing in this, which is shocking for me.
Disclaimer - Not real, never happened.
A/N - First time I've written either of these boys, so feel free to tell me what I did wrong. Inspired by this video.

Pete felt his phone vibrate in his pocket... )
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The Pink Spiders made a video for their new single, Gimme Chemicals, which is off of "Sweat It Out" which comes out on the 23rd. I'm excited for the CD, and the video's pretty cool, but the only thing I could think of while watching it was, "I miss Bob and Jon." Still, Matt is amazing, so I guess it's not that bad.


Sep. 8th, 2008 02:09 am
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Okay, lj hates me and won't put all my icons under a cut, so I'm going to repost the whole thing. Here are all the icons that I made today.

Please comment and credit. :)

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I love these boys, especially when they're blitzed out of their minds (which is most of the time). It's pretty freakin' entertaining.

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Title: Paying for the Tour
Fandom: The Pink Spiders (original members)
Rating: uh, probably about PG-13.  Mostly because of Matt's potty mouth.
Warnings: Lots of cussing, implied gay sex.
Synopsis: After the school bus they had been touring in catches on fire, the guys need to find a way to pay for a new one.
Author's Notes: Inspired by this video of them in Vegas.
Word Count: 178-very short.
Disclaimer: I don't own Matt Friction, Bob Ferrari, or Jon Decious, and I doubt any of this ever happened.
Do we really have to do this? )
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1&2-Life with Derek
3,4,&5-The Riches
6,7,&8-Bands (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New)

Check 'em out! )


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